We are a team of experienced, passionate, adventurers on budget who wanted to make traveling accessible for everyone.  We’re producing a mini video series of DIY Travel Guides and working our way towards creating a free, crowdfunded one hour long travel series we call DIY Destinations, featuring the world’s many local cultures, attractions and tips on how to get the most out of your adventures.

Charles Huang, Founder and Experienced Backpacker.
Charles Huang, Founder and Experienced Backpacker.

Our number one objective:

“Our goal is to take the fear out of traveling and inspire our audience to go far and explore the magnificent planet earth inexpensive and safely.” – part of our Mission and Vision

Stan Trac, Chief Videographer and Director
Stan Trac, Chief Videographer and Director


We encourage you to meet our team members and keep in touch with us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  We welcome all feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our shows.


All aspects of our production, including web design, article writing, graphics, and the production of videos are 100% produced in-house.  Therefore, your online support is extremely important to us; please like, subscribe, share, and comment after watching the videos on our YouTube Channel.


We are non-profit at the moment, which means we do not accept corporate sponsorship or donation and 100% of our expenses come out of pockets of the company’s founder. 


Crowd-funding and donations – if you enjoy our work and believe in our mission, please visit the SUPPORT US page.

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