Official DIY Destinations Poster
Official DIY Destinations Poster

DIY Destinations is an hour long commercial-free, crowdfunded travel series featuring various destinations around the world.  The first pilot episode, featuring Washington D.C. and a plan is in the works for future episodes, starting with Peru and Bolivia.

Our goal is to take the fear out of traveling and to inspire our audience to go far and explore this magnificent planet earth, inexpensive and safely.

Creating connections with new people, experiencing other cultures and gaining a greater understanding of each other by offering a unique perspective while traveling on a budget.  Although we are focusing on accessible and economical travel, our pledge is that the money we do spend will go toward supporting the local economy and its people.  Not only while we are there on location, but onward, as a future investment in the region.

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Our host Charles has coined himself as “the world’s cheapest adventurer”.  He reveals (with a sometimes off-the-wall humor) how anyone can save loads of money with some simple tips and by living like a local in each destination.  We will focus “off the beaten path” and teach our viewers to avoid expensive tourist traps, promote the use of public transportation to different attractions and many ways to save money by eating where locals eat.  While there are some major attractions that simply cannot not be missed, we’ll showcase ways to save money at these iconic places and how to avoid being drawn into common scams, emphasizing on valuable safety tips.

Complete episodes of DIY Destinations are available for free at

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