Our Mission and Vision

great wall


Our mission is to create a free, publicly funded travel series that is delivered via streaming and file sharing sites. Our goal is to take the fear out of traveling and inspire our audience to go far and explore this magnificent planet earth, inexpensive and safely.  Along with inspiring our audience, we want to create and support new talent through paid internship opportunities in all aspects of the production process.

Parque Nacional Perez


Our vision is to create an entertaining and accessible show that encourages our audiences to explore our magnificent planet that we all share.  Creating connections with new people, experiencing other cultures and gaining a greater understanding of each other by offer a unique perspective of traveling on a budget.  Although we are focusing on accessible and economical travel, our pledge is that the money we do spend will go toward supporting the local economy and its people.  Not just while we are there on location, but onward, as a future investment to the region.

 Acropolis of Athens
Our target audience is, but not limited to, people in their early 20s to mid-30s and recent college graduates who are in the process of deciding their future plans.  Our plan is to build adequate public support and funding to create this project under creative commons license, including a travel show, a blog and a forum.  Your financial support our 100% in all aspect of house production, from web design, video editing to managing social media.  We want to encourage our audience to share, publish, and distribute this series for non-commercial purpose in its entirety.  We ultimately want to create a show that is funded by the people and owned by the people.  So by all means, go ahead and copy, share and push our inspirational work as far as it can go!

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