Auberg Inn, Jericho, Palestine

Name: Auberg Inn
Location: Jericho, Palestine
Telephone: +970568966010, +972523500041, +972522626067
Available Types: Triple, Double, Standard Rooms and Dorm Beds
Amenities: Large vegetable garden, lounge with public computer, Wifi, and shared bathrooms (except for Garden Studio Suite)
Service Offered: Transportation, tours, dinner, breakfast
Included Accessories: Towels and Liens
Date Reviewed: November 16, 2015

Auberg Inn, Jericho, Palestine "The House of Eggplants"
Auberg Inn, Jericho, Palestine “The House of Eggplants”

Aubrey Inn located in Palestinian city of Jericho is a family run and owned guesthouse.  Built in 1961, the two-floor Arab family house at the feet of the Mount of Temptation and the city centre, with many of the attractions such as the Jericho Cable Car, Sycamore tree are walking distance away.  The guesthouse is surrounded by 4 acre of farm land producing ingredients for a local home-made breakfast: fresh eggs from the chicken coup, eggplants, mint, oranges, dates, and many other seasonal herbs, fruits and vegetables.


  • Clean rooms throughout the guesthouse
  • Excellent view of Mount of Temptation
  • Five minutes walk to Jericho Cable Car and Sycamore Tree
  • Freshly cooked breakfast with ingredients comes directly from the house farm
  • Outdoor patios on both first and second floor
  • Transportation and tour arrangement available
  • Friendly staff
  • Lounge area with wifi and international satellite television

Don’t Likes:

  • Rooster crowing in the early morning
  • No private bathroom in most suites